The Spiritual Practice We Must Recover

Hundreds of books talk about our faith walk as a journey. But few delve into the subject of how a physical journey can reinvent and revitalize our spiritual journey with God.

Isn’t that what we’re all looking for — a chance to get lost in a story bigger than our own? Maybe it’s time we left home.

Look at Jesus

If you take a look at the life of Jesus, you see that he called his disciples to follow him — on a physical journey, not just a spiritual one.

He tramped around with them in Judea for three years, sending them out on their own short-term voyages without him. Everywhere his team traveled, they talked about the “kingdom” — a kingdom that wasn’t of this world, but still so real.

How do we reconnect with that reality in a world that is numbed by comfort and entertainment? We have to journey.

Find Your Mountaintop

Do you feel like you’ve been missing out on the abundant life? Most people do.

God wants to take you to mountaintops of faith, but you have to be willing to go. He teaches through experience and is calling each of us on a real-life journey that will prepare us for a lifelong one.

In this book, I’ll share you with you the stories of people like Claud Crosby and Mallorie Miller, people who left everything to obey the call to go.

I’ll tell you about everyday heroes you’ve never heard of who are changing the world — and how you can join them. But you have to be willing to move.

Kingdom Journeys

Kingdom journeys are a spiritual discipline that Jesus gave his disciples but the church has, for the most part, forgotten. They’re a discipline because they take us to places we need to but don’t want to go.

If you respond to God’s call, he may lead you up the Himalayas or down a dusty road on a bike, traveling from Florida to Texas. He may want you to catch a plane to Swaziland or move to inner city Philadelphia.

But make no mistake: You will have to leave home.

Who Should Read This Book

This book is a lot of things:

  • A manifesto for 20-somethings who sense there’s something more to life.
  • A manual for would-be world travelers, young and old.
  • A memoir of the author’s accounts of journeying around the world.
  • A message to parents, disciplers, and mentors to better understand why young people must go — and how they can help them.

Are you ready to journey together? Get the book today!